Sponsor Care

Thank you for sponsoring WPCampus. We’ve put together this information to help you prepare for the conference.


The following are your sponsor coordinators; they’re the best folks to reach out to on the WPCampus Slack with questions before, during, and after the conference:

We are also always available by email at sponsors@wpcampus.org.

Slack channels

We have a private #2020-sponsors channel within WPCampus Slack for communicating between the committee and sponsors.

  • To join the Slack workspace, complete the Become a Member form.
  • If you need to be added to the private sponsors channel, please direct message (DM) one of the sponsor contacts.

Sponsors are also eligible to have a public channel to interact with attendees. These channels have a prefix of “#2020-sponsor-.” We encourage sponsors to monitor these channels and respond to questions. The channel would also be a good venue for sharing resources and updates.

Demo sessions

Doctoral and Graduate Sponsors have 30-minute sessions slotted into the conference schedule. Please email the session title, session excerpt and presenter names by June 26 to sponsors@wpcampus.org.

We encourage you to use this time to demonstrate your software or services. Attendees will want to learn more about how your offerings can benefit their colleges and universities.

Manage sponsor information

Each sponsor has a landing pages that can be customized with links, videos, giveaways and more. Check your email for the link to manage your landing page, or reach out to one of the sponsor contacts for the direct link. We encourage you to initially update your landing page by June 26, 2020. You’re welcome to revisit the page to make future updates.

Some of the landing page elements require review and approval, so those items will not change immediately.

Attendee lists

WPCampus maintains a policy of not sharing contact information for its attendees unless explicitly granted. Doctoral and graduate sponsors will receive attendee names, positions, and institutions. Sponsors will receive email addresses for attendees who opt-in during registration. We’ll share the attendee lists about one week after the conference ends.


WPCampus takes great pride in working with sponsors closely to ensure the best experience for everyone involved. Please share with us your ideas, thoughts, and feedback at any time before and during the event.


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